1. Jose Martinez dancing rose adagio with a bit of Odile variation, Italian fouette and lots of sassiness throw in for good measure, I didn’t realize how much I needed this in my life xD

  2. thenextfamous:

    Dupont’s pointework :””)

    Those pas de chats at the end 

  3. Aurelie Dupont in Jerome Robbins’ Dances at a gathering

    Love her musicality, her phrasing, her interpretation


  4. Paris Opera Ballet in Balanchine’s Le Palais de Cristal and Millepied’s Daphnis et Chloe is online for your viewing pleasure :D

    You can only watch it until 5 December 2014, so do it asap 

  5. 18 y.o Mathias Heymann in Blue Bird variation

    18 y.o

    18 y.o

  6. Vladimir Malakhov in Sylvie Guillem Grand pas classique parody, complete with the red wig, ended with a bouquet and a hug from Sylvie.

  7. Myriam Ould-Braham ~perfect~ ronds de jambe 

    Many more variations on this iTunes App of ballet movement.

  8. strechanadi:

    Mathieu Ganio, Stephane Bullion

    Le combat des anges

    Why is it so perfect?!

    Well it was passionately danced by two of POB most beautiful male etoiles, so of course it will be perfect ;)

    This is one of my favourite excerpts in Petit’s Proust; Ganio as St. Loup is ethereal and full of conflicted feelings and Bullion as Morel is dark, intense and devious, the PDD is beautiful and the music is gorgeous and dramatic.

  9. 17 y.o Mathieu Ganio as Franz in POB School production of Coppelia choreography by Pierre Lacotte

  10. Excerpt of Antoine Kirscher in Bart’s Sins of Youth

    Antoine is one of two POB School male students that won the internal recruitment competition to enter Paris Opera Ballet in 2013

  11. theballetblog:

    Manuel Legris in Solo from La Sylphide

    O.M.G. That batterie..

  12. Love love love Myriam Ould-Braham’s Aurora, her light and precise footwork is to die for (her double rond de jambe en l’air at the beginning is fast yet articulate), her port de bras is so lovely - I particularly like the way her hands frame her head starting on 0.30. She really embodies a 16 y.o princess here.

  13. parisienneballerina:

    The gorgeous Mathilde Froustey and Davit Karaptyan in the Nutcracker

    I love this video! Mathilde has a lot of charm here really fitting for a Sugar Plum Fairy, her dancing is so elegant and musical and her phrasing is just gorgeous! The balance on 04.58 is superb, it’s secure and long (6 seconds?) without being showy. Beautiful footwork and beautiful arms, her Giselle will be wonderful.

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