"I had to have surgery on my knee and all the doctors I have seen told me I wouldn’t be able to dance any more," she says, curled up on the sofa of her dressing room at the famous Paris Opera.

"I was just beginning as an etoile. I was really, like, dead. That was in 1999."

During the year Dupont spent away from dance a decade ago, her damaged leg withered.

"But I had to work again, just for myself," she says.


"Then I met somebody amazing – a rugby man – who knew nothing about classical dance. He told me, ‘You will have muscles again, you will dance’."

Her new therapist set up a rigorous rehabilitation program and made her stick to it.

"I was working six hours a day, crying every day. I told him I am in classical dance; you are just running behind a ball. But he yelled at me (to keep going).”


When she returned to the stage, her rugby rescuer was there to applaud her.
It was his first time at the Paris Opera. No doubt he was overwhelmed by what he saw.


Aurelie Dupont danced Manon for her return at POB after 1 year of absence due to knee injury. (x) and (x)

This post was made to celebrate her birthday which is today (15 January 1973), Happy Birthday Aurélie! ♡♡♡♡♡♡