1. Gillian Murphy and Qi Huan in Giselle

    Photo © Leon Narbey

  2. "Leave the stage before the stage leaves you."

    - Tamara Karsavina

    Ethan Stiefel at the MET for his final performance

    Photo © Kent Becker and Julieta Cervantes

  3. margotfonteyn:

Gillian Murphy


    Gillian Murphy

  4. pas-de-chat:


Lovely Gillian..



    Lovely Gillian..

  5. pas-de-chat:

    Swan Lake : The Transformation

    Beautiful Gillian with her fierce red hair!

  6. Gillian Murphy quote

    "I think with true passion you can do so much more than you think is possible."

  7. So they’re getting married

    Congratulations Ethan and Gillian! ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

  8. Gillian Murphy on her first class with Melissa Hayden

    I went to North Carolina School of the Arts when I was 14. I remember my first class with her I heard how tough she could be and to be prepared. So I went in there with a sense of humor and to be prepared to work very hard and not to take anything personally. We just connected right away. She was such an inspiration in class and coaching me in all the different ballets. We grew to be great friends, as well. That was just so exciting to see.


  9. Gillian Murphy on her progress through ABT ranks

     She was promoted to soloist in 1999 and principal in 2002—six years after joining ABT.

    “I would acknowledge that there’s luck involved,” Murphy says, “but I think my sort of steady rise also came from being prepared for luck.”


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